About Zahir Hayrullah

Who is Zahir Hayrullah ?

I'm Zahir , backend web developer, I'm from Syria, I've been living in Turkey since 2013, I love my job, I see my job as a hobby for me,
I have fun with codes and I think it's characteristic of coding. By coding we can make all our dreams come true, I love learning new things and following all the new technical news especially when it comes to programming. 

I like simple things, I just want to grab a cup of coffee and listen to some music and do some simple coding to solve complex problems in this world.

I work in IMTILAK Group is a group of twelve companies in many industries Real estate, Tourism, Medicine, Education,  Architecture,  Wholesale and E-Commerce.

Work Experiences

Sep 2020 - Present

Imtilak Group
CRM System Developer

I started working with the team to develop client management syustem for the group of companies Where I created a core library for the customer management system and worked on developing it to create other programs related to customer management It also worked to integrate it with the requests received from the webesites to be managed directly and to create statistics and reports for the data entered. using PHP programing language and LARAVEL framework.

Aug 2019 - Aug 2020

Imtilak Group
Backend Web Developer

I have developed many websites, more than 12 websites and control panels for the company, in partnership with the work team educational, medical, real estate, tourism and e-commerce sites We have also created a REST API for websites to create mobile applications. using PHP programing language and LARAVEL framework.

Jun 2018 - Jul 2019


I started developing a corporate management project with a team of 6 people The project contains many reports, management of the company's departments, and management of the employee's accounting process using c# ASP.NET MVC framework.

May 2018 - Jun 2018



2015 - 2019

Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor of Computer Science

Sakarya University / Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences

Sakarya / Turkey

2010 - 2014

High School
Science and Mathematics

School social facilities / High School

Gaziantep / Turkey


rwaq Certificates

تصميم وبرمجةالدوائر الالكترونيةباستخدام أردوينو
علم اللسانيات
قيادة التغيير المؤسسي
الحساب الذهني (الأباكوس الياباني)
ساعة برمجة للطلاب والطالبات
مدخل إلى علم البيانات باستخدام Python - المستوى الأول
نظام التحكم في الإصدار Git
الجريمةالمعلوماتية-المستوى الثاني
الخرائط الذهنية لتطوير اللغة الإنجليزية
صناعةالتفوق الدراسي
الجريمةالمعلوماتية-المستوى الأول
برمجة مواقع الانترنت باستخدام html5 مع CSS3 و Javascript
مبادئ الرسم باستخدام ++C
البرمجة بلغة جافا-الجزءالأول
تعلم البرمجة بلغة السي شارب #C

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